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Guillermo Garcia, Staff Writer

Writtten by Jonathan Chatham

Guillermo Garcia, a sophomore at Hug High School, is a self-described "relatively chill" person, and that really comes through when speaking to him. He isn’t a person who fails to take charge, but also isn’t someone who gets in people’s faces about the little things. He has been, and continues to be, a devoted soccer fan, playing the sport since he was only 4 years old, saying “the real draw of the sport to me is the combination of running, an activity I have enjoyed since I began playing the sport, and teamwork, something I highly value.” It is quite apparent he is highly driven in everything he does, giving his all in anything from soccer to science. In a school setting, he is particularly fond of history, specifically United States history, and has found himself to be quite prolific in the subject. When asked about his dreams for the future, he usually describes his dreams of soccer: “I have dreamed for years about going into college soccer," he says. "I can’t imagine anything better for myself. I’ve loved soccer forever, and I really don’t want to give up on my education, so I can't see a more fitting future.” He is a striking realist: he doesn’t have his head too far in the clouds, but isn’t down on himself, believing in those around him to do great things, and believing in himself to do great things as well. The very best way to describe Guillermo would be with his own quote: “I don’t expect all too much from anyone, I just want them to do their best, and I expect the same from myself.”

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