Patty J. Fahey

Patty J. Fahey, Staff Writer

by Leann Stick

Patricia "Patty J" Fahey is a 15-year-old sophomore. She is a hardworking student here at Hug High School and is a proud part of the HSA (Health Science Academy) and GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) programs. She has a passion for psychology, and one day hopes to pursue a career in psychology or as an ER nurse (thanks to the HSA program). In school, presentational work is where she excels, as she always speaks her mind. Outside of school, she has an ambition for dance. She devotes over 20 hours of her week to dancing, which includes jazz, ballet, tap, and contemporary. She feels a particular affiliation with her grandmother, who taught her to always be strong and never to take ‘no’ for an answer. Although she works her hardest, she has taken one particular piece of advice to heart: “there will always be somebody better than you.” Because of this, she knows not to be too disappointed even when she's not the best, and not to beat herself up about it. The most important thing she learned from her biggest mistakes is to always be honest. She is very supportive of everyone, which her friends would say is her best quality. She enjoys journalism because she thinks that everyone should have a voice, which is something she feels very strongly about. Her goal in journalism is to bring light to issues or accomplishments that the majority of the school may not know about. 

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Patty J. Fahey