David O’Grady
David O’Grady is a freshman here at Hug High School and is in the GATE Institute. He came to Hug because of the GATE Institute, after being in the MAGNET program at Clayton Middle school and the SWAS program at Caughlin Ranch. 

“I came to Hug because I liked that it had good reviews and I felt the environment was better than others," he says as he describes his motivation for choosing a high school after moving.

His first impression of Hug was very positive, he says “It wasn’t as intimidating as everyone says; it’s actually pretty cool here.” He says it was nice to see teachers that were knowledgeable of subjects, well-practiced at teaching, and enthusiastic about what they teach. 

David’s personal interests include video games such as Monster Hunter, Pokémon and Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. “Video games are important, at least for me, for hand-eye coordination and anger management,” David says.  He also does martial arts and swimming, and often plays Dungeons and Dragons. At home, David has one dog named Sammy. 

With regards to his future at Hug, David thinks it looks pretty bright, and fully intends to stay here. He enjoys the atmosphere here at Hug and feels at home in the Institute. He is excited about his role in journalism for the future, being a freshman during our first year. 

David O’Grady, Staff Writer

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David O’Grady