Ethan Partain
Ethan Partain is a Junior at Hug High School.  He was born near San Jose, but moved to Reno later on.  He originally went to Peavine Elementary for kindergarten, but then moved to Caughlin Ranch up until 6th grade.  He also played two instruments in elementary: piano and viola.  For middle school, he went to Swope and began playing in band.  His favorite core classes are (from best to worst) science, ELA, math, and history.  He has three cats and two dogs at his house and skis on the Hug ski team. He also greatly enjoys playing video games, like Destiny 2, StarCraft II, and Terraria.   

He likes the school’s environmenbut believes it could be made better and he plans to do this in journalism.  He believes that student-administration communication is key, and thus, he plans to improve that as well as write opinion pieces for the school paper.  He continues to look forward to getting a great education and thinks journalism will help him with writing and reading in the future, and may even assist in finding a career.  Ethan greatly looks forward to helping both students and teachers alike and helping to give readers the truth, one word at a time!

Ethan Partain, Staff Writer

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Ethan Partain