Felix Ladaga
Felix Ladaga is a 16-year old Hug High School junior, born in Reno in 2003. When asked about his feelings towards going into his next year of high school at Hug, Felix responded saying that he felt “anxious and hopeful.” Felix's favorite food is bacon and eggs, his favorite color is red, and his favorite music genre is rap. His favorite artists are A$AP Rocky, Drake, and Chance The Rapper. Felix has one younger brother. Felix's favorite show is The OfficeHis interests are sports, art, drawing, basketball, and tennis. Felix's favorite school subject is drawing.  When asked about his feelings towards walking into this first year of journalism, Felix responded that he was feeling “optimistic.” Felix Ladaga was recommended into journalism by the advisor the year prior. Felix hopes to succeed in journalism class and become a better writer throughout this year. Felix also hopes that students will enjoy the Hawkeye website and find interest within the articles. He also hopes that the website will succeed. He thinks that there is something for everyone in the Hawkeye website from arts and entertainment to sports. Felix seems to feel that journalism will be a challenge for him throughout the school year. Felix hopes to be a photographer and writer for articles and the Hawkeye website. When asked what his favorite thing about journalism  Felix responded that it's the “writing.”

Felix Ladaga, Staff Writer

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Felix Ladaga