Jonathon Chatham
Written by Guillermo Garcia

Jonathon Chatham, a Junior at Hug High School, is a very determined student both inside and outside of school, seen when he got 1st place in a foreign extemporaneous competition. He enjoys Hug because it gives him more confidence in the future, where he wants to be something big, such as a psychologist or structural engineer because he really enjoys math and science.  Jonathon is very smart and a really cool person to talk to because he is honest about how he really wants his future to be, making him a very serene person. He is excited about his future and is very determined to do whatever it takes to get to his dream job, get to a good future, making it clear that Jonathon is a hardworking person.

Jonathon Chatham, Staff Writer

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Jonathon Chatham