Leann Stick
Leann Stick (16) is a Hug High School junior who is a part of the GATE Institute and the Health Science Academy. Leann is a hardworking individual that aspires to graduate with a 4.3 GPA, to go to college, and beyond that, to medical school to become a neurosurgeon. Currently, many of her hobbies include makeup, going to the beach, reading (especially sci-fi)cooking, bakingand volunteeringShe currently volunteers at Renown in orthopedics, and before that, ran the information desk. She also has had a great passion for science (especially in the medical field) for most of her life and gets that passion from her father, an engineer, who is her role model. She lives by the three words decide, commit, succeed and brings that drive into almost anything she does.  She joined journalism this year in hopes of bringing forward a view that brings the GATE Institute and the Health Science Academy together so students will see both of those programs for what they really are.  

Leann Stick, Staff Writer

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Leann Stick