Lizbeth Gurrola
Lizbeth Gurrola is a sophomore that has much to look forward to in journalism this year. For Lizbeth journalism is something she was put in. She stayed in journalism because she wants to be in the media and write about the things she is passionate about. When asked about what she wants to do in journalism she said, “I want to write about the school plays and drama club because I find interesting to write about the actors/actresses and their experiences in the plays. Lizbeth thinks that the purpose of media is to inform students about all the things that are happening every day all around us. She wants her audience to know that not many things grab her attention, so when she writes, it will be about the things that do grab her attention. So, when she writes it will be with all her passion for the subject. So, when she does write they will be good articles. Her favorite thing about journalism is that she will be in the media and people will see the things she is passionate about with her writing.  When asked about what she thinks she will struggle with in journalism she said, “ I don’t know if the stuff I write about will capture my audience’s attention.” 

Lizbeth Gurrola, Staff Writer

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Lizbeth Gurrola