Naomi Durham
Written by Lizbeth Gurrola Corral

   Naomi Durham is a sophomore student who is new into the world of journalism and is looking forward to a lot of it. To know a little bit more about Naomi, here are a few questions about her view on journalism and what her audience should expect from her.  When asked about one thing she looks forward to in this class, she responded with, “I look forward to writing about things I am passionate about.” 

Naomi is a passionate person who will write a good article about anything she has a strong feeling towards and thinks should be heard by the audience. Something she would like for her audience to know about her is her love for writing, as well as she strongly believes that the media in schools should be more known by the students. Something that Naomi will bring to the table of journalism is her skill of writing great articles for her readers.

“Do you have any concerns about this class?”

“Self-doubt.” she says, “I’m afraid that people won’t like the articles I’ll write.” Naomi was also asked if she would consider journalism as a possible future career, in which she answered with a "no." Instead, she'd like to enter the medical field, but would find writing as a hobby. 

Naomi Durham, Staff Writer

Sep 16, 2019
Ms. Mares-Counselor (Story)
Naomi Durham