Sierra Warren
 Sierra is a hardworking and determined student; she takes honors classes and is confident she will be able to graduate high school with an advanced diploma. Sierra also has a creative side: she likes drawing and would like to be a tattoo artist and own her own shop. When asked what three things she couldn’t live without she said, “her dog, her family and Taco Bell.” She loves her family but also wishes she knew more about them. She likes anime and wants to go to Japan and when asked why she said, “it’s a cool place.” She is kindhearted and considerate: when asked what she would do with 10 million dollars, her immediate response was to help her family with any needs they have and then with whatever money she had left, she would buy a home. Sierra tries very hard when she sets her mind to something and is very selfless. She expresses herself through art. She loves anything that she can express her creativity in.  Her favorite color is neon green and when asked why she said, “because it’s an edgy color.” She does not like being out of her comfort zone or trying new things: for example, she wouldn’t like to be a mechanic, since she has worked with cars before and she didn't like it because it was complicated, confusing and uncomfortable. Overall, Sierra and is a good and unique person.

Sierra Warren, Staff Writer

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Sierra Warren